Stop Wasting Your Intern’s Potential and Get Your Own Coffee

Internships are all the rage even more than before, now that full-time positions are in shorter supply. Laura Vanderkam writes for Fast Company about making sure your intern program is a cut above the rest.

No Coffee Fetching, but Maybe Some McDonald’s Runs?

Vanderkam says you should always think of interns as future employees, even if you cannot hire them full-time. Provide training, constructive feedback, and extra mentorship, but otherwise treat interns as you would any employee on staff. They will ultimately be molded into exactly the type of employee you need, in the case that a position does open up. Furthermore, Vanderkam says to make use of the youth that interns bring. They have perspective and access to tools you have never thought of or seen before. They can even recommend future interns. To read elucidating examples of points raised here, you can view the full article:

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