Plan-B Ready as Windows 2003 Server Support Ends

In July 2015, support for Windows server 2003 shall finally come to an end. Now is the time to be ensuring that a smooth transition to a new system shall occur. Ishan Bhattacharya discusses this in an article for CIO India.

Endings and Beginnings

Sanjeev Kumar of Adhunik Group of Industries says they upgraded everything six months ago, because their business-critical applications are run with Windows. Similar programs have been rolled out at a variety of businesses. KSK Energy Ventures shifted to Windows 2008 as far as back as 2012. But Bhattacharya writes that the challenge CIOs face in this migration will be how to budget server migration. KSK accounted for this by holding on to one-third of its production budget, whereas VFS Global Group circumvented the issue altogether by maintaining an agreement with Microsoft that covers all upgrades. To learn more about this shift, you can view the full article here: http://www.cio.in/feature/plan-b-ready-as-windows-2003-server-support-ends%3A-cios

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