Mulling Over the Cloud

Save a few bucks, or enable the business to deliver revenue-generating value, that is the question. John Kropf is no William Shakespeare, but he is an expert on cloud technology. So when CIOs wince at the mention of dishing out dollars to bring cloud solutions to their enterprise, Kroft just shakes his head and walks the other way. In an interview with Fey Humphries for IT Web Business, this successful CEO sets the record straight on the benefits of Cloud:

“In today's world, we are an instant gratification society. If a CIO doesn't help business to get a technology solution quickly, they will bypass IT and just get it themselves. A good CIO should be the link between the technology systems and the business requirements.”

Unfolding Cloud Narrative

This quote by Kroft gets at the heart of the CIO vs. Cloud debate. Cloud solutions might not be as cheap as is commonly assumed, but the nature of the business environment now demands the speed and flexibility cloud brings, and businesses are willing to pay the price. This question is part of a larger dynamic that is redefining the role of the CIO. Once a traditional IT leader, the new CIO is an integral part of the business and its logic of customer satisfaction and delivery of value.

So, to become the arbiter of business innovation, it seems the CIO has little choice: adopt the benefits of cloud, or opt out of the latest tech narrative.

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