Microsoft Unveils Cloud-Based CRM for PH Customers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is coming to the Philippines. Its aim is to assist in gathering customer insights for businesses of all sizes, while providing integration with applications like Office 365 and Windows Azure. Newsbytes Philippines elaborates on what this might mean for businesses.

Dynamic Changes

Customers are empowered more than ever before in their decisions about with whom they shall do business, thanks largely to better technology and the rise of social media. Careful understanding of customer satisfaction and desires is critical to maintaining a loyal customer base. CRM Online is poised to guide that understanding. According to the article, Microsoft is hoping to unify its cloud offerings through CRM Online in the following ways:

An open and flexible Cloud Platform that provides data and infrastructure services that enable applications to be built, managed and deployed quickly along with proactive insights and predictive analytics

A Cloud Productivity suite, which, delivers the cloud tools people need to be productive in a digital world, unlock insights on any data, and connect and collaborate through enterprise social capabilities

And customer-centric SaaS Business Apps including cloud-based CRM that helps organizations better engage with customers through sales productivity, smarter marketing, and personalized customer service.

To learn more, you can read the full article here: http://newsbytes.ph/2014/09/29/microsoft-unveils-cloud-based-crm-for-ph-customers/

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