Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Holidays?

Apparel magazine has interviewed Ingram Micro Mobility’s senior vice president Doug Pasquale for his insights into the oncoming holiday season. Because as far as retailers are concerned, Christmas is always just right around the corner.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Black Friday

Pasquale has three best practices for pre-holiday logistics planning. They include having a dedicated holiday supply chain strategy implemented at least six months in advance, acknowledging that supply chain can be a competitive differentiator, and not cutting corners with the returns process. For best preparing for disruptions like natural disasters and demand shifts, Pasquale recommends using big data and analytics tools for forecasting, combined with a flexible supply chain structure.

Since there are only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas this year, there is an even bigger crunch, so retailers need to get open early and keep up clear communication. At this point in the year, where ideally all basic preparation has already been done, Pasquale says now should be the time where supply chains are “firming up delivery schedules and finalizing promotional packaging designs, special deals, and production schedules to ensure they are ready.”

To see if your supply chain is ready for Santa, you can read the full interview here: http://apparel.edgl.com/case-studies/Is-Your-Supply-Chain-Ready-for-the-Holidays-94755

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