IBM Grant Enables Technology for Yolanda Relief Efforts

It looks like cloud technology has come to the rescue again, this time in the form of disaster relief. Social businesses are lauding the contribution of an IBM “impact grant” to aid the Philippine Disaster Recovery Program (PDRP) in the wake of damages caused by typhoon Yolanda in 2010. According to the Newsbytes agency, PDRP members will…

“…be able to effectively share information through both web browsers and mobile apps. In addition, IBM will provide consulting services to assist PDRF staff to quickly set up and customize this platform for their specific use and to on-board and train individual…members and partners.”

Consistent with this vision, IBM has conducted a disaster readiness workshop for non-profits in Makati City and will follow up with the workshop’s participants to help hone their disaster preparedness plans.  The impact grant and sponsored workshop adds to a list of contributions that includes the installation of an Intelligent Operating Center (IOC) for coordinated disaster management at the government level. Overall, the PDRP-IBM partnership appears to be a positive force for the future safety of Filipinos.

To read the full blog, click here: http://newsbytes.ph/2014/09/05/ibm-grant-allows-cloud-collaboration-for-yolanda-relief-efforts/

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