How to Ensure a Smooth IT Reorganization

You’re enjoying the stability of an enduring CIO position when a sudden realization creeps in – it’s time for an IT reorganization, an expensive and potentially stressful experience that will put your managerial skills to the test.  Rest assured, Rich Hein for has plotted a course for any IT enterprise that is revving for the reorg.

Start at the Beginning

First you have to know what you want to accomplish. This might seem like a no-brainer, but the devil is in the details…and the devil loves details. Go forth and solicit information about needed improvements from all key stakeholders (C-Suite people especially). Get them around a table in a conference room. Get honest opinions and you will find the right direction.

Reasons why you Might need a Reorg

Upon asking, you may find that A. The IT unit is not mobile-centric, B. That IT exists within a series of silos, isolated from the customer, or C. The IT unit is not maximizing the benefits of the cloud. In any of the following cases, Hein recommends taking action through a reorg. There are other conditions that warrant a structural change in IT:

a. Sometimes a reorg is needed when the IT unit is overshooting its budget and project deadlines.

b. Sometimes a reorg happens arbitrarily, such as when new management comes swooping in and wants to customize the organization to suit their personal needs. This is not necessarily a good thing.

c. Sometimes the introduction of new technology makes reorg an attractive option, especially if the company can make more money through a reorg than they can save through cost-cutting.

Don’t Forget the People

Of course, the process of reorganization is going to shake things up quite a bit with staff, so be sure to communicate effectively about the changes that are going to take place. Make sure your staff feel involved and not put upon. Always seek to answer questions before they lead to anxiety and uncertainty.

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