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How to Deliver the Unwanted Project

Utpal Vaishnav had a problem. He wasn’t motivated to make his assigned project work. What did he do? Did he suck it up and do the deed anyway? Did he run away screaming N-o-o-o-o, you’ll never make me do your silly project!? Fortunately he did neither of those things. Instead, in a display of ultimate PM tact and leadership, Utpal Vaishnav consulted his project sponsors to set the record straight.

A Middle Way

In a blog for PM Cräft, Vaishnav outlines his journey from utter despair about executing an unwanted project, to triumphant rejoicing for a project well executed – by somebody else.  The kernel of wisdom can be summarized thus:

Being a project manager is a middle management job only if you look at it that way. It is a great leadership opportunity to solve the problems – of yours and [of] your organization.

Ultimately, Vaishnav convinced his project sponsors to let him handle the project in his own way. This allowed Vaishnav to hand responsibility over to a junior PM who was happy to have the project for portfolio of experience. Though this lesson may not apply in similar situations, it serves to illustrate the advantages of being flexible and open-minded when handling every project that comes your way.

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