How Music Affects Your Productivity

With some obvious exceptions, music can actually be a very easy way to increase work productivity. In fact, it is probably the second-best thing to pressing a button that finishes work for you. Gregory Ciotti writes about this in an article for Fast Company.

Productivity is Music to Your Ears

Listening to music during repetitive, monotonous tasks can enhance your mood so that you get through it faster. It can sometimes get in the way of more creative tasks, but ambient noise at a moderate volume has been shown to help creativity too. Stick with music that you have already heard, so your brain does not start wondering what is around the corner with the next song. Lyrics are also very distracting, so stick with the instrumentals. Ciotti and I both agree that listening to video game soundtracks is actually an excellent way to get work done! For many more insights, you can read the full article here:

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