How IT Can Catch the Digital Wave!

IT often isn’t sitting at the cool table of enterprise. Instead, the IT folks are glancing ruefully across the organization at all the other hip departments who are engaged on a regular basis with customer-facing technology efforts. But Chris Murphy of InformationWeek writes that there is still hope!

Tech is New the Business of Business

From marketing to product design and even product management, it seems like tech innovation is everyone’s business these days except for the technology professionals themselves. Meanwhile, the lonesome IT unit is left patching security holes or integrating forgotten data elements for their business-based peers.

But for Murphy, it’s not about bringing the entirety of IT over to the “cool table.” Integrating innovative IT into business endeavors is more about plucking talented individuals from the IT ranks to lead the charge of digital business transformation. In a recent InformationWeek survey, the majority of 92 leading business professionals confessed that their top priority for IT was cultivating a closer working relationship to the business end. Companies like Airbnb have already taken this step, proving that a tech firm can draw in formidable revenue while having just four to eight people staffed in IT.

No question, companies still need strong, central technology leadership in the coming digital/cloud era. But you and your teams will need the skills to guide a different kind of technology development — one that’s hyper-responsive to customer needs and changing tastes and isn’t tolerant of anything that gets in the way.

The truth is that tech leaders need to rally around the notion of the business savvy IT pro. The alternative is a future where IT remains in the digital doldrums while other departments sail off into a rosy sunset of success born through digital innovation.

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