Faster IT Systems Push Supply Chain into a New Era

Financial operations shall be integrated into supply chains through newly emerging data provided by better IT systems. This is the news that Gavin van Marle brings in an article for The Loadstar. He talks with Armin Sarstedt, vice-president of manufacturing and technology at Intel, about what his company is doing to streamline supply chain operations.

Sarstedt says Intel has reduced manufacturing lead times on semiconductors down to between two and four months. When it comes to the mobile market, which is more “commoditized and fashion-driven,” there are very short product lifecycles, so looking for every way to reduce lead times becomes even more important. Greg Johnsen, CMO of GT Nexus, finds that technology has evolved logistics in three waves so far, and we are in the midst of the third wave now, which is that large organizations are now automating the money flow. When financial and physical supply chain integrate, a greater range of possibilities open up. To learn more, you can read the full article here: http://theloadstar.co.uk/intel-gartner-gt-nexus-future-supply-chains-procurement/

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