Disruption Will Force Dramatic Change in the Data Center

A report by Gartner found that competition, big cloud provider dominance, economic warfare, and nationalism are four major disruptors that will change the data center market by 2016. Each of these variables will take effect at its own pace and severity, and Brian Karlovsky writes for CIO Asia about what to expect in the fallout.

Riding the Waves of Disruption

The expansion of big cloud providers is likely to snuff out traditional data center vendors, and it will create rifts that turn partners into competitors. But that is only one of many implications that comes with cloud growth:

The center of gravity for new application development and deployment is shifting from in-house to Cloud-first as consumer/mobile needs dominate, according to the report. This is also starting to influence the expectations around new internal applications, which require more-flexible, distributed and hybrid IT. The SaaS/Cloud-first approach to new, high-growth workloads means that growth in infrastructure hardware is generally aligned to webscale architectures. While workloads may not run more efficiently in the cloud, providers ensure that excess capacity is used, in some cases, at lower prices to ensure highest utilization, and, therefore, highest monetary return for the provider.

Managed service providers are becoming little more than “managed service brokers” in the face of platform as a service (PaaS) from the likes of Amazon and Google. Meanwhile, the so-called ‘Snowden effect,’ named for Edward Snowden, has also created a distrust of multinational providers, causing companies to look in-country for technology development. China is expected to expand its influence due to its myriad resources, increasingly respected brands, and programs aimed toward spurring technological innovation. This could widen a gap between solutions offered by the East and the West.

For more insights, you can read Karlovsky’s original article here: http://www.cio-asia.com/resource/data-center/disruption-set-to-force-dramatic-change-in-the-data-centre-gartner/

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