Deep Dive: Four Critical Issues Facing CIOs Today

Oracle’s Alison Weiss gets to the heart of the matter. Based on a series of interviews conducted by Oracle CIO Bob Evans, Weiss showcases the most innovative business and IT leaders, who share crucial insights on how CIOs are perfectly positioned to unlock business value through IT.

One: Legacy IT

Both Evans and Charline Li of Altimeter group believe that businesses need to break away from spending most of their time on infrastructure, and to focus instead on innovation. And Christian Anschuetz believes that companies can do a better job of creating IT products that share components between and within business units for enhanced cross-industry compatibility.   

Two: Transparency

Evans admits that IT transparency in the midst of IT security is a bit of a paradox:

Transparency in the enterprise may be an uncomfortable idea for some CIOs who are more familiar with protecting and securing mission-critical information. But…transparency simply means creating an environment where information and insight are available to every employee when they need it.

CIOs, says Evans, have gone from managing hierarchies to managing networks, where the depth of complexity and pace of change require continual vertical and horizontal information flows within the organization.

Three: Employee Motivation

CIOs have a direct hand in the systems, applications, processes, and metrics to help boost the capabilities, productivity, sophistication, and impact of knowledge workers. An expression of this capability is the use of gamification to motivate employees and to compare concrete performance against available data.

Four: Customer Service

Because today’s customer interaction comes primarily through the medium of technology, the CIO is uniquely positioned to improve and drive successful customer interaction from the sales floor right up to the C-Suite. What’s more, the contemporary CIO should take advantage of the technologies that are growing and changing right beneath their feet. Read the entire post at:

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