Customer Loyalty: Why Application Performance Management is a CIO Concern

Application Performance Management (APM) is all about customer satisfaction, and when it comes to application use, customer loyalty is a fleeting, one-shot prospect. Brian Taylor writing for TechRepublic explores the unfolding relevance of APM in an interview with James Harvey of CA Technologies.

A Matter of Good Judgment

Companies vary in their approach to APM. Some ignore it, some use it to get a quick snapshot of how applications are utilized, but really (according to Harvey) all industries are becoming digital to the extent that APM deserves due attention:

The significance of APM to Harvey is strategic: Applications are the first level of contact with the customer, application performance is a customer service issue, and CIO engagement can turn effective APM into a sustainable advantage that drives revenue.

The Eye of the User

In the interview with Taylor, Harvey argues that the top priority at the C-Level should be adopting the perspective of the end user. He says that in the event of a problem or outage, it’s not about a ‘system failure,’ but rather a failure to the customer.

United We APM

Most businesses, in Harvey’s opinion, lack two key aspects of good APM. Either their response to customer needs is not fast enough, or their approach to APM is too centralized. A better approach is to democratize APM:

…so that the ability to deliver high-performance experiences bridges business app owners, support teams, development and testing, and others. With the insight provided by continuous application performance assessments, enterprises are able to identify issues as they arise, prevent them altogether, and deliver an optimal user experience.

In the future, Harvey sees APM playing a crucial role toward furthering application development, along with methods such as SaaS, Analytics, Mobility, and DevOps. With the explosion in application use and need for increased enterprise scalability, those who choose to work in APM have their work cut out for them. 

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