CIOs: Here’s the Missing Key to a Lifetime of Job Satisfaction

CIO Peter Weis had a confession to make in front of hundreds of fellow CIOs at a recent CIO100 conference. It goes against everything CIOs are told about their relationship with the business. In short, he “doesn’t find meaning in driving innovation and delivering shareholder value.” As it turns out, Ginny Skalski was one of the many audience members inspired by Weis’ speech, and she decided to share his insights in a blog for The Enterprise Project.

Touchy-Feely Meaning Stuff

Weis went on to add that finding meaning in one’s role as CIO doesn’t mean shirking key responsibilities of that role. In reality, finding a new sense of purpose at work entails a rethinking of what it means to be a CIO and what it means to enjoy employment as a part of life.  For Weis this is accomplished through taking on intractable challenges and overcoming them. He thrives on doing difficult jobs and on doing them well. This is quite a novel way to view the CIO position, since job motivation is usually assumed to originate with associated concepts like shareholder value, business objectives, and technology improvements.

None of his job’s meaningful activities involve technology for technology’s sake…but rather they come from how he does his job…

…all this touchy-feely meaning stuff…will drive life satisfaction, organizational performance, and sustainable passion.

In concrete terms, it’s the businesses with the broadest operating margin that inspire enduring loyalty through meaningful employment, and that, says Weis, will inspire innovation. It may vary from CIO to CIO, but each and every one has the potential to find that spark of meaning that will drive a long and fruitful career.

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