Bill 4926: ICT Hubs for Digital Bridges

In Manila, a house bill is under deliberation that could change the landscape of the Philippines, both literally and figuratively. Interaksyon.com reports on the “One Philippines Act,” a piece of legislation that includes provisions for the creation of a nationwide Internet system, functioning through the disbursement of ICT hubs equipped with such services as telecom, broadband, business processing, and data management.

Island Hopping

According to representative Rose Marie Arenas, a chief proponent of the bill, the ICT hubs or Community Information and Technology Centers (CICTCs) will link the Philippines 234 legislative districts throughout 81 provinces in conjunction with the development of a comprehensive Internet superhighway, national ICT plan and the national, provincial, city or municipal spatial and development plans…

The sectors targeted for investment by this infusion of ICT are national industries such as tourism, BPO, and IT. The initiative is built around the idea of funneling economic life into more provincial areas and around helping close the digital divide, the economic gap that occurs when some lack access to the competitive advantages of digital technologies.

As an added benefit, ICT hubs will provide a system of communication to help coordinate disaster prevention and relief efforts. It would function as a series of “digital bridges” to unite the vast and populated Philippine archipelago.

To read the entire article, visit: http://www.interaksyon.com/infotech/house-bill-creating-ict-hubs-in-every-district-hurdles-first-reading-newsbytes-ph

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