5 Sins of Business Texting

OMG! Peter Imbong for Entrepreneur Philippines elaborates on the oft neglected topic of texting etiquette for business professionals. He highlights the five cardinal sins of texting as follows.  

The 5 Sins of Professional Texting

  1. Incomplete Sentences
  2. Abbreviations (LOL)
  3. CAPS!
  4. Subtlety
  5. Lengthiness and Verbosity

Let’s start with complete sentences. That shouldn’t be too hard. Remember to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling just as if you were writing for a technology blog. If you don’t want to capitalize proper nouns, don’t bother. Just remember that names get capitalized no matter what! Avoid LOL at all costs and instead react to something funny with “haha”, or “hahaha” if it’s really funny, or occasionally just “ha” if you’re not in the mood for humor. BTW (by the way), other three world abbreviations are out of the question. Basically, if you wouldn’t say it out loud at a business meeting, don’t text it to a business colleague.

In that respect, YOU WOULD NOT SHOUT AT A BUSINESS MEETING, WOULD YOU? Caps is never appropriate for professional texting, as it tends to express emotion in unintended ways, as do smileys, emojis, and emoticons.  Because a text can only convey information in a limited way, the best strategy is to always aim for clarity. Sarcasm is a great way to get your point across – not!  Don’t use irony either, or you will likely be misunderstood.  Finally, if your text is beginning to go the way of a college dissertation, consider alternative technologies that are better equipped for instructional or verbose content, like email and telephone.

To view the full post, click here: http://www.entrepreneur.com.ph/technology/the-rules-of-business-texting

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