5 IT Certification Courses that Can Get You a High Salary Job

There are numerous advantages to seeking IT certifications, but which certifications are best for you? Isha Mishra writes about five certification courses that may improve your career prospects. At the very least, they will be sure to widely expand your skillset.

Five Certifications for India

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  2. Microsoft Verified Systems Associate (MCSA)
  3. COMPTIA Security+
  4. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  5. Ethical Hacker Certification (EHC)

CCNA focuses on operations and troubleshooting of medium-sized networks and is good for entry-level network engineers. It further enlightens you about routing protocols and network security management. For MCSA, Mishra says this:

A Microsoft Verified Systems Associate is one of the certifications hiring managers in IT industry look out for. Because there are a number of Microsoft servers you can get the certification on, like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows server 2008 etc, you have a number of opportunities to look forward to. A Microsoft Certified Systems Associate certificate is a gateway to understanding, managing and troubleshooting Windows operating systems. In India, the salary you can expect once you acquire the certification is approximately INR 7-12L per annum.

COMPTIA Security+ prepares you to spot IT risks within networks, and it of course teaches you the basic principles underlying security. Identity management and cryptography are also covered. ITIL meanwhile requires little introduction; it is a framework for IT service management that is exceedingly expansive in its coverage. It consists of three levels—foundation, practitioner, and manager. And finally, EHC provides you the training so that you can develop a mind for spotting vulnerabilities in systems, so that you can make businesses aware of problems.

People who hold certifications are viewed as “more productive and consistent” than those who do not hold them. It is worth it to seek out the certifications that are most appealing to the work you would like to do. You can read Mishra’s full article here: http://www.youngisthan.in/career-advice/5-it-certification-courses-that-can-get-you-a-high-salary-job/8610

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