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5 Avoidable Roadblocks to Digital Projects

Who puts the “dig” in digital? Certainly not the machines, whose powers have grown beyond our wildest imaginations and whose functions we can bend…to our crazy desires. If there is a real source of digital dismay, it is in the processes and people behind the innovation.  Josh Oakhurst for InformationWeek identifies five “roadblocks” that make digital projects hard to dig.

Dirty Words

  1. Starting
  2. Consensus
  3. ROI
  4. Resourcing
  5. Procurement

1 – Beginnings are not easy to begin with, but if we have the wrong attitude toward the project, it can make things even harder. Think of the phrase “pain point.” Does that sound like a good way to conceptualize something you have to procure time and money for? Instead, Oakhurst recommends aspirational opportunity.

2 – There’s a one word solution to the problem of trying to build consensus – don’t.  When you consider the various mandates, permissions, and budgetary allowances that fail to invoke even minimal leadership, it becomes clear how to run a successful campaign. Find the few who are brave enough to commit and move forward with an initiative. The rest will follow suit. 

3 – Don’t hesitate to step up the financial speak for your latest project. Remember that magical abbreviation “ROI.” It is a key appeal to the business-minded that will only enhance perception surrounding your (inevitably successful) endeavor.

4 – When you’re in a quandary about where to access project resources, ask yourself the simple question: what is it I need for the project, and what is it I want? Ultimately, this roadblock is about priorities, and any real solutions will be the result of how you define your problems.

5 – What procurement doesn’t know will hurt your project’s momentum. Keep the procurement staff informed about special requirements. This is especially crucial when the proposed initiative involves novel tools or procedures.

Read the entire post at: http://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/digital-business/5-avoidable-roadblocks-to-digital-projects/a/d-id/1306905

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