3 Unorthodox Ways to Motivate Your Workplace

In today’s workplace, employers are trying keep their employees as productive as possible. Eric Friedman supplies us with three unorthodox ways for keeping productivity high.

Higher and Higher

Muzak, or “elevator music,” is actually a scientifically engineered sound that can create small emotions with those who hear it. No, this does not mean one should play Mantovani in the work place, but a choice in background music can create subtle motivation for one’s employees.

Next comes sleeping at work, which is notably different than sleeping on the job. Sleeping on the job is unproductive. Sleeping at work can be useful. To provide specificity, companies are beginning to provide rooms where employees can take a quick twenty-minute nap to be refreshed and more productive.

Gamification lastly involves using game mechanics to enhance an otherwise non-game-like area. Whether it is a website or office environment, gamification is brought in to make the workplace exciting and fun, bringing life out of a company’s employees.

You can read Friedman’s full article here:

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