10 Reasons to Take a 10-Day Vacation

Tim Maurer writes for Forbes that taking a 10-day vacation made him realize just how awesome an idea these lengthy vacations are. Now he offers ten reasons encouraging you to follow his example.

A Long Break

Chiefly, a 10-day vacation gives you time to legitimately unwind and be human again. You will not be keeping an eye out for email alerts because it will not be practical for coworkers to try to contact you. You will have time to explore and also to just be lazy. Beyond that, travel will take up less of your total vacation. This means you can afford to go to more places too. The length of the trip will discipline you to budget in advance of it as well. And ultimately, you will just come home from the trip refreshed and a better person. For more gushing ruminations, you can read Maurer’s full article here:

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