Top Tips to Master the Awkward Networking Waltz

Some people have a hard time just walking up to another person and saying hello. For those people, David Lavenda and Susan Fisher write an article about how to take the discomfort out of business networking.

Mental Prep is Half the Battle

Understand that networking does not mean self-promotion and becoming a salesman. Networking is just about being yourself and trying to forge earnest, mutually beneficial relationships. Start out with an easy event like speed networking that takes the edge off of having to walk up to people. Stop thinking of people as strangers and start thinking of them as people you would like to get to know. Look for “V” formations when two people are talking; if they are facing outward instead of directly at each other, they are open to others joining them. During all this, do your best to stand tall and smile. For several more insightful tips, you can read the full article here:

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