Project Management

The Unexpected Project

Here’s an embarrassing proposition – you don’t know what a project is for, and yet you manage one. If that sounds like something you’ve experienced, fear not. According to Michelle Symonds, project managers in today’s workplace experience this phenomenon all the time.

There is Hope

The problem of not having the appropriate level of information about a project can lead to frustration for managers and disinterest for team members. Yet there is hope for obtaining the relevant project information since, regardless of one’s industry, every organization has its signature selection process that relates to its core values as a company.        

The Mission

One can start by understanding the company’s mission statement. By unpacking its short-term and long-term goals, one can get a sense of what the business wants to accomplish. In this light, project goals are enhanced and clarified, shifting from the general to the specific.  

Exceptions to the Rule

Of course, it would be foolish to overlook the fact that each project in a company’s portfolio is different, and that each will conform to vastly different end goals, performance levels, or may sometimes focus on regulatory or branding objectives.

Inspired by the What and the Why

Barring these exceptions, the inspiration that comes from knowing a project’s mission is bound to unleash a team’s creativity. Symonds explains:

If you work within a well-balanced company you should feel that everyone is able to make project suggestions. The best companies enable everyone to contribute, ensuring the most experienced members of staff review those suggestions so that different perspectives and ideas are taken into account.

Tapping into a company’s value structure will give any PM the inside scoop on the what, and (possibly) the why of an existing project, thus enhancing their ability to lead a focused, motivated team.

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