Six Vital C-level Executive Skills MBA Programs Don’t Teach

To quote Pink Floyd: We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. Mary Shacklett writes for TechRepublic about six skill sets for the C-suite that MBA programs consistently overlook. Some skills are simply not easy to learn in a classroom environment.

Six Essentials

  1. Partnering & Negotiation
  2. Operations & Profit Bleed
  3. Politics
  4. Change Management
  5. Talent Development
  6. International Business

Forming alliances is crucial in today’s business environment. The skills required for this feat include empathy, negotiation of mutually favorable outcomes, and a sense for constructive long-term relationships. Aside from bringing strategic thinking and organizational breakthroughs, CXOs must find ways to manage the daily performance of their operations, and try to prevent the more mundane reality of bleeding profit margins and waning company performance.

There’s no escaping politics in the C-suite. That’s why good communication and listening skills, effective negotiation, and a practical comprehension of psychology to smooth over resistance personality conflicts is a must. Likewise, team building skills can facilitate employee adjustments to the rapid pace of change in today’s workplace. As far as talent development goes, Shacklett states:

Unless you are an Education major, few universities offer courses that focus on developing and recruiting the talents of others; they should, because companies are experiencing great difficulty in finding or developing workers for new jobs with new skill sets. Many enterprises ultimately conclude that they must “home grow” these individuals. HR doesn't know how to affect the knowledge transfers needed for these highly specialized jobs, so CXOs must step in to develop programs that address it.

Lastly, the nuances of foreign business deals are many. That is why the CXO must seek proper instruction when faced with forging cross-cultural business relationships.

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