Night of the Malware Attack

Never, never let your kids play with your work computer. Why? Because it is a recipe for company-wide disaster, and little Tommy could be its harbinger.

IT staff does its best to protect all the computers under its domain. But once you take that laptop home with you, the IT staff just has to shrug and say, “Vaya con Dios.” Most computers are resilient enough to ward off the basic stuff, but if your daughter is looking up cheat codes for her Wii U game on a website called Viruses ‘R Us, your computer is still going to get infected. There was once a procurement manager who ended up having a keyboard logger installed on his laptop. The guy spent hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for the company, and someone was recording keystrokes!

Regardless of who in the household contracted the virus, the point stands that IT must be strict about enforcing security policy. No matter how badly Jennifer needs those cheat codes, your work computer needs to stay a work machine.

This story was originally found at PCWorld:

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