New Canon Philippines Chief Undeterred by Rise of Smartphones

Smartphones have made it so that everybody can snap a photo at a moment’s notice. The inherent convenience might lead one to believe that traditional camera manufacturers are suffering by comparison, but Lim Kok Hin, new CEO of Canon Philippines, does not see this as the case. Rather, smartphones are acting as a gateway to get a new wave of people interested in photography, which introduces a new customer base for Canon.

To drive the point home, Canon’s camera business actually grew by 26 percent last year. Even printers are doing well:

Unlike the paperless scenario conjured by forecasters many years ago, Lim said customers have continued to print, with Canon expanding its printer business by over 15 percent for the past year. Canon said the company continues to lead with their respective market segments, with inkjet multi-function printer getting a 30-percent share, the inkjet single-function printers with 35 percent, and the laser single-function printers with 35.18 percent.

The takeaway here might be that the more things change, the more things stay the same. We should continue looking forward to see both where innovation can be found, and how traditional best practices can be reapplied in the context of these innovations. You can read the full report at Newsbytes.ph: http://newsbytes.ph/2014/08/22/new-canon-ph-chief-undeterred-by-rise-of-smartphones-paperless-society/

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