Network the Heck Out of People: 6 Expert Tips

Nobody gets to the top without help, and you have to be willing to seek out that help yourself. Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman writes for Inc. about six tips for building the best business network.

A Firm League of Friendship

Make a list of either specific people or types of businesses and roles that could be beneficial to your business’s growth. Get in contact with these types of people, stay in regular communication, and always be looking for ways you can help them achieve success. Pass forward information or introduce pertinent people to your contacts when it jells with their interests. Remember to acknowledge them and celebrate their successes in social media too. Schedule a timeout now and then to update your contact list, reassessing what you can do for each other. Finally, send out a handwritten note or a fruit basket or anything from time to time to go the extra mile and make people feel important. For more elaboration, you can read Hoffman’s full article here:

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