IT Companies Invest in Re-skilling Mid-Tier Managers

Mid-tier management is a volatile zone at present in IT companies. When people who were previously software coders are promoted to management, they have to develop an understanding of emerging technology and customer domain knowledge that can be bewildering. Prachi Verma and Shreya Roy write about the success IT companies are having with retraining these new managers to be better suited to their more demanding roles.

Investing in Success

Especially as industry growth dwindles, companies must invest in the resources that they do have. NIIT Technologies, Mindtree, Mphasis, and Zensar Technologies have all employed programs by which employees train to be better enabled to do their jobs. Verma and Roy explain:

NIIT and Mindtree are working on training their mid-level managers on technologies related to specified customer domains. The two companies are working towards helping their mid-level managers become mini-CEOs or business heads.

“Training also includes building skills on operations, emotional thinking and understanding millennials,” says Deepa V Mukherjee, head, training and development, NIIT Technologies. On an average, NIIT spends up to Rs 45,000 per year on training one manager. Post training, these managers have contributed 38% to the margins of the project, up from 12%, pre-training.

In some cases, training is being offered by businesses in more fundamental areas such as soft skills as well. For mid-sized IT companies especially, it is imperative to make the best of the employees you have, and so it is well advised to take time to consider what programs might benefit your IT department. You can read Verma and Roy’s full article here: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/careers/IT-companies-invest-in-re-skilling-mid-tier-managers/articleshow/39690431.cms?intenttarget=no&utm_source=TOI_AShow_OBWidget&utm_medium=Int_Ref&utm_campaign=TOI_AShow

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