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Is Your PMO Healthy?

Does your PMO have sparkly teeth and a rosy hue? Can it do 50 pushups in one minute? For those looking to make their PMOs as fit and robust as possible, Deepa Bagal writes for the PM Hut about five elements of PMO health.

Five Health Monitors

  1. Methodology that’s easy to understand
  2. Metrics that make sense
  3. The right people
  4. Quality training to help your people thrive
  5. Policies and procedures to provide service excellence

When selecting a project methodology, consider things like time to market, customer bandwidth, and tolerance for scope creep. As for metrics, quality, utilization, and on-time delivery are the measures that should be put at the front of the pack. About having the right people, Bagal says:

Hiring the right people with the right traits and skills goes a long way to running an efficient PMO. On top of the right credentials, being a PM is a very tricky job: effective Project Managers balance being directive and collaborative, accommodating and rigorous every day. So-called “soft skills” are at least as important as PMI certification or other “hard skills”: communication style, emotional intelligence, and attention to detail. A combination of these traits with the right experience makes for an effective PM.

There are two types of training that employees can undergo to further improve. They can be project management-related, which can pertain to getting specific certifications and developing skills, or they can be product-related, so that a project manager can understand a product from the inside-out.

And for policies and procedures, Bagal finds that effective risk management, senior leadership involvement to ensure feedback and customer satisfaction, and defined processes to manage project issues are the top priorities to address. If you can satisfy each of these elements, then your PMO is sure to be the Hercules of the business world. You can read Bagal’s full article here:

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