Instant Messengers Changing Dynamics of Indian Enterprises

By next year, it is expected that 95 percent of workers in leading global organizations will use instant messaging (IM) as the primary means of communication. The global market for instant messaging services is similarly expected to hit USD 1.2 billion this year. Ravi Sundararajan writes on why instant messaging stands poised to be so valuable to Indian businesses moving forward.

IMs & U

The most obvious and satisfying benefit of IMs is that it negates the inconvenience of sending an email, or leaving a voicemail, and having to hope the person gets back to you in a timely manner. An IM is immediate and (usually) to the point, which in turn will ideally elicit an immediate and straightforward answer. Even better, you can IM someone across the building and across the world just as easily as you can someone across the room. The combined benefit is that you can communicate with someone at any location, without being intrusive, and yet while maintaining a sense of urgency.

Sundararajan goes on to highlight another benefit:

Another factor that is often seen as a productivity enhancer when it comes to instant messaging is the ability to multi-task. Instant messaging becomes an even more powerful collaborative tool when combined with features like document sharing, white-boarding and graphics.

At his full article, you can read an example of how IMs increase productivity as they pertain to a personal loan division. The article can be found here: http://www.informationweek.in/informationweek/perspective/297504/instant-messengers-changing-dynamics-indian-enterprises

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