Does IT Realize that Business Has No Interest in Tech Talk?

Are your clients at the company spacing out every time gigabytes fly out of your mouth instead of words? Those who speak in dollar signs have a better chance of survival, says Radhika Nallayam for CIO India about the continuing adjustments CIOs must make to deliver value to businesses.

Talk the LOB Talk

A line of business (LOB) will often try to work around its IT provider, with one of every six CIOs claiming that its LOB directly funds IT projects. For instance, Icertis co-founder and CIO Samir Bodas says that nine out of every ten of his company’s transactions are with business users. This trend originated elsewhere according to Nallayam:

Bodas says that the LoB-IT divide is much wider in the North American market, where the company has been selling for many years. But he is seeing a similar trend emerging among Indian enterprises now.

If they are not careful, CIOs will lose their grasp over IT purchasing power, since LOBs are highly motivated to seek cloud solutions and market technologies readily accessible to those uninitiated in tech talk. But as Nallayam asserts, there is a general (perhaps reluctant) acceptance by CIOs to learn the language of business users. Expect the smaller, more agile IT outfits to adjust rapidly to meet this demand.   

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