CIOs: In the Eye of a Business and Technology Storm

Despite their ferocity, hurricanes are rather sunny and quiet at the center. In a blog for ZDNet, Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen explains why CIOs (who have a central role) miss out on the cyclone of business opportunity that surrounds them. CIOs today are surrounded by an influx of new technologies that add to the accelerating pull of IT-to-business collaboration, combined with the demands of a shifting and mobile work force. 

Escaping the Doldrums

In reality, the CIO stands at the quiet center of business innovation because their value is still regarded as tactical and not strategic. In light of the continuous developments mentioned above, this assumption warrants serious reexamination. While other CXO positions are thoroughly understood, a CIO’s responsibilities still vary from job to job, and from industry to industry. Van Leeuwen offers a simple solution:

Given the imperative to establish IT executives as full strategic partners, companies can’t afford to keep “discovering” the need to build stronger bonds between the IT department and business units. Therefore, in relation to whether a change in the traditional CIO title can help drive business innovation, a few technological advances can definitely help IT and time-consuming tactical activities.

One example of how CIOs and IT outfits can jettison time consuming tasks is to take the many tactical responsibilities they now hold, and outsource those to the cloud. Releasing this burden would free up the IT firm to take more strategic actions for the business.

In full, Van Leeuwen recommends that organizations follow through on an idea that is almost 30 years old – the idea that IT and the CIO are perfectly positioned to embrace the storm of business strategy that surrounds them.

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