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CIOs and CMOs are Aligning on Tech Strategies

Nearly seven in ten CIOs believe that IT is a strategic partner for marketing, and 83 percent of them understand that technology and marketing must align. Dennis McCafferty reports on this and other numbers in a slideshow at CIO Insight. The best is yet to come for CIO and CMO relationships.

Converging for the Business

The top reason CIOs see for greater alignment with CMOs is that technology is more available now and can be applied to marketing in new ways. There is a four-way tie at 31 percent agreement on the other reasons for alignment. These reasons include things such as technology now shaping and underpinning customer experiences, and the increasing importance of leveraging large volumes of data.

CMOs have a different perspective on why alignment matters. At the top at 30 percent agreement, CMOs see marketing as more digital now, which requires smarter technology use. Access to customer insight being critical to competitive advantage is the secondary reason. At any rate, 61 percent of CIOs say their CEO actively encourages CMO-CIO collaboration, which is not a big enough number really, but a good start.

To hear many more stats that really put the concerns of CIOs and CMOs into perspective, you can view the full slideshow here:

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