Busting the Top 15 SEO Myths of 2014

James A. Martin debunks fifteen SEO myths in an article for For starters, link building is not dead, despite what you may have heard about Google frowning upon it. Content marketing has not replaced SEO. Google ranking is not all about links. Social media signals do not directly impact search rankings. Press releases do still hold SEO value. Keywords are not especially important for anchor text anymore. It is debatable whether Google authorship helps SEO. Guest blogging is only bad for SEO when abused. No follow links do have value. Mobile search and desktop search are different animals. Lots of internal links is not inherently good. Google can read JavaScript and Ajax. Ranking highly locally is more important than nationally. Quantity of indexed pages does not help you rank higher. SEO does not drive business alone. Now, if you want to hear any sort of elaboration on all of these insights, you can read the full article here:

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