5 Quick Ways to Build Confidence in Business Conversations

An ability to communicate confidently is critical for getting people to invest time and energy in you. Antonio Neves writes for Monster about five ways to build confidence in a business conversation. To start, use the one-out breath rule, which means being able to give your job description in the time it takes to exhale. If someone wants elaboration, they will ask for it. Second, no matter where the conversation goes, stay on message. Above all else, drive home your point. On the flipside, being a good listener and letting people stroke their own ego is a good way to build a rapport as well. Use nonverbal cues like hand gestures, head nodding, and firm eye contact to stay engaged. Lastly, remember to do your research ahead of time, so that the message you have to relay is already informed and augmented by what you have learned about the people to whom you are presenting. For more, you can read Neves’s full article here:

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