4 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt and a Lack of Motivation

When you feel unmotivated, you can either learn how to deal with it, or you can hire a guy to follow you around all day and jab you in the back with a pike. For the readers who cannot afford a pike wielder, Leo Babauta has four steps to overcome doubt and lethargy. To start, stop being self-centered; when you think about things you can do for other people, all of a sudden you stop wondering mid-task if you are “good enough” for the job. Loosen your identity to make allowances for lazy now and then. It does not need to be a bad reflection on you if you take a break. All the same, remember that every day counts, so you should spend time trying to do something, anything productive. Just start moving, even if in baby steps, and before long, you will realize how far you have come from the living room couch. You can read Babauta’s full article here:

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