10 Effective Business Networking Tips

Networking can be both the cheapest and most direct way to expand your business. Joan Sotkin writes about ten practical tips for networking more effectively.

Networking for Net Worth

Choose the right venues where you are sure to find potential clients, and dress professionally for the occasion. Take the opportunity to develop relationships with people over trying to sell a product. Bring business cards, and think of in advance a way to describe your job description in no more than 15 seconds. Ask questions about people’s businesses to find points of commonality between you. When the chance for sit-down networking occurs, sit with people you do not know to build more relationships. But if people are standing alone, they are prime real estate to be chatted up. When a conversation has run its course, exchange information if applicable and move on politely. Figure out what it is you can do for other people, and follow up on the connections you make. You can learn more at Sotkin’s full article:

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