Why Delegation is Key to Productivity

“If I want it done right, I have to DO IT MYSELF.” This is how most of us think, especially perfectionists. Well, the same obviously goes for some business leaders and multinational organization heads having the same approach. But, as Ruben Anlacan Jr. writes for the Manila Bulletin, this way of thinking may not be favorable in the long run.

Company owners and executives recognize that proper and efficient delegation is the foremost strategy to management and, therefore, leads to productivity. Employers and business leaders are able to make the most of the workforce available to handle different departments and projects, while at the same time, develop and exploit employees in administration.

“Handle with care”

Some tips in how to efficiently delegate people:

  • Select the best person suited for the task.
  • Explain clearly and check if you are understood.
  • Always set deadlines.
  • Monitor their performance and evaluate the results.
  • Give feedback and advice.

Once you have selected the qualified people, delegating tasks also implies giving out instructions. And when giving instructions, these should be clear with BOTH you and your chosen staff.  Ask your staff to repeat what you have explained to them and what they wish to comment before performing the task. Put yourself on the same page. Make sure that your instructions are clear and easy to understand. 

The next step is also crucial in both delegation and management training, setting of deadlines. Deadlines imply a sense of urgency and importance to the delegated tasks. Remember that in setting deadlines, take into account time to evaluate what they will accomplish and time to repair errors. 

All in all, delegation will not only help boost one’s productivity in business, it will also help you train those employees with leadership potential in the long run. The goal in delegating should not only be to ease workload, but also to impart a lot of learning experiences. And through this learning progress, creative ideas are conceivable to definitely improve business procedures.

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