What’s Behind the Supply Chain Analytics Revolution?

Where did the boom in supply chain analytics come from? Clint Reiser does not think it came from a change in calculations, or even from a prevalence of software, but rather by an evolution of supporting factors. Things like data capture and availability, calculation speed, and storage capacity are what got the revolution going. Now we just live in it.

Revving the Future

There is just a lot of data available these days that is pertinent to managing a supply chain. Ecommerce in itself provides many opportunities for data extraction, and supply chain partners are more often sharing point of sales data. Customer loyalty programs similarly soak up lots of practical information that can then be recycled and put into good use by supply chains. Storing such a wealth of data is not much of a concern anymore either, with hardware continuing to provide greater value at less cost. The result of these factors working together is that warehouse analytics provide greater visibility across the board, from worker productivity to transportation routes. The picture painted by this visibility then allows you to get creative about putting all this new data to the best possible use. To learn more, you can read Reiser’s full article here: http://logisticsviewpoints.com/2014/07/30/whats-behind-supply-chain-analytics-revolution/

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