Tips on How to be an Effective Trainer

Credibility and excellent presentation skills. These are two things one must have to be called a trainer. It takes talent, practice, sufficient preparation and a certain level of expertise to command the respect and gain attention from your audience. If you have these, you are certainly qualified to be compensated as a trainer. Business organizations and companies here in the Philippines pay good money on training their employees. Ruben Anlacan Jr., in this article for the Manila Bulletin, gives us the basics on how to conduct an effective training.

Determine what is needed for the training and Explain Objectives

Before conducting the training, you should know the needs and intelligence level of your trainees. Determine the position, age and other characteristics of your trainees as these will affect how you develop the module and your presentation. And, in making your purpose clear, the participants will have an easier time in comprehending the material and its relevance. Having clear objectives helps both the trainer and the trainee as there would be less digressions and wrong expectations.

Maintain a practical, enjoyable presentation but keep it short.

Keep them entertained, but make sure you are not digressing from the real topic or spending too much time on an enjoyable part. We must not forget our objectives even as we strive to keep our participants from being bored. Also, do not be wordy in your slides. Have only a few bullet points with the least number of words possible. Nothing bores people more than watching a trainer read his presentation.

To be effective in training people, keep it real, be clear, firm and always come straight to the point. Find and maintain the balance in terms of entertainment and real essential topics. Lecture-type presentations are considered too boring nowadays, so try to mix it up with engaging stuff. Be creative.

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