Time to Drop the “IT” from ITSM

In this article, Phyllis Drucker of Shiftmediainc.com talks about the rising need to return to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and drop the “IT” from ITSM altogether – because the use of Service Management principles, best practices and strategy across the enterprise would be just exactly the same.

The Need to Drop the ‘IT’

In this day and age, organizations have adopted the multi-national and global corporation approach to stay competitive. By doing so, most companies have gone the Shared Service Center (SSC) course. But this direction needs procedures to support its initiative to achieve some sort of success. And this is exactly where starting and organizing ESM comes in. Drucker writes:

Enter ESM. You could take the ITIL processes or other ITSM best practices and easily implement them in an SSC environment, in fact I’ve seen it done and assisted in it in more than one organization. Not only do they work very well, the staff members in these other Service Provider groups are not as used to translating paper work flows into processes that can be set up in a tool and appreciate the clarity and support that an ITSM-trained process designer can provide. Additionally, standard ITSM processes like Incident and Problem Management translate extremely well, even if the nature of the Incidents and Problems is process or support related, rather than being technical in nature.

The point of this is that, yes, IT has the ability to bring the initiative together to provide a centralized support organization approach, even across multiple organizations. But, remember, not everything starts with IT.  Before IT can help drive any sort of initiative however, we need to drop the “IT” from ITSM. Gathering some key internal service providers together and laying down some common procedures for managing needs that require numerous departments to accomplish is an excellent method to get the ball rolling. And, of course, security and roles within today’s tools are robust enough to manage all these if the proper groundwork is done.

Read the Original Article: http://shiftmediainc.com/2014/06/17/dropping-itsm/

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