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The Next Generation of Project Management

Suppose one could fuse together Agile with traditional project management to create some kind of ultimate Project Management Hybrid. Like a mad scientist, that is exactly what Chuck Cobb proposes in his recent blog.

Myths and Stereotypes

Cobb believes that the divide between Agile and traditional PM is, in part, founded on a combination of myths and stereotypes. For instance, though the assertion that PMI and PMBOK are plan-driven is essentially correct, PMI-ACP certification is working to change that view, which Cobb concedes has not gone far enough:

Until we can better define what “Agile Project Management” is and really demonstrate how traditional plan-driven project management and Agile principles and practices can be blended together in the real world, the role of an “Agile Project Manager” will be undefined and it will be difficult to reverse this perception.

Cobb contests the notion that pure Agile PM is without the “management” of project management. He argues that with Agile, management responsibilities are not eliminated; they are merely distributed among the various team members. In order to change this perception, practitioners must revise their concept of project management altogether.

This particular blog is part of a series and addresses the subject of bridging Agile and traditional PM. Cobb invites collaboration and insight on his document, “The Next Generation of Project Management”, which you can read, along with the full post at:

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