The Ins and Outs of Training

As a manager or supervisor, you would want to know how to properly and effectively conduct employee training, right? Well then, Ruben Anlacan Jr., in this article for the Manila Bulletin, gives us some proven tips to organize meaningful training for workers:

  1. The trainer must have actual experience and communication skills.
  2. Do training needs analysis.
  3. Make clear what the participants are expected to learn from the training.
  4. Make the training interactive and lively.
  5. Do not read from your PowerPoint presentation.
  6. Measure the skills learned and get feedback. 

Both experience and communication skills are necessary to administer quality training sessions. Being able to communicate well covers a lot of ground to properly train people. The trainer can be clear in informing objectives. In this way, you do not convolute messages and bore your trainees.  Of course, this can also be achieved by doing the right amount of prep work on what the training specifically requires.It is necessary to first know both what the participants already know and the items that they should learn during the training.

By doing the proper steps, now you can ask trainees to effectively partake as well. Have plenty of activities and try to get the participants to ask questions and perhaps even share their experiences. Avoid too many lectures. Oftentimes the trainer learns new things from the participants.

Checking skills learned at the end of the training is important for both the trainer and the trainee. For the trainer, this helps provide feedback on how well the training went and what specific areas can actually be improved. For the participant, it gives them the feeling of learning new sets of skills and points at how to develop themselves helping their respective careers moving forward.

Read the Original Article: http://www.businesscoachphil.com/the-ins-and-outs-of-effective-training

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