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These days, it is becoming clearer that top technology budget decision-makers in Asia Pacific are prioritizing customer satisfaction. A recent report from Forrester Research, Inc. shows that customer satisfaction is the primary focus of more than 70% of tech leaders this year. Ironically, actual customer-centric technology initiatives are only being explored by less than 50% according to the report. This only reflects less technology heads are concentrated on this, but more so on taking necessary stages to address the customers. IT organizations are heavily affected these days by business units (BUs) who seem to have a direct influence on technology purchases. They are the ones who encourage consumer purchases, one way or the other.

BUs also sway major decisions on products in terms of tech creativity, whether or not IT leaders made the right choices on product deliverables for their own respective business outcomes.

“Competition for customers is getting fiercer. Other than industry rivals, businesses need to watch for a new wave of digital start-ups,” said Tim Sheedy, Forrester Research senior analyst for CIOs and author of the report. “Only customer obsessed businesses who are willing to serve customers in the world they now live in, on smartphones, tablets, and social networks, will thrive in this new competitive era.”

40% of tech purchases were being business-led in 2013 and only 26% of purchases by the tech management organization were made without significant business input in 2013.


The report-maker recommends IT head honchos, particularly CIOs, to innovate their operations and leverage digital technologies, thus taking advantage of on-going trends. These latest know-how have worked wonders for most tech-based organizations, improving their efficiency, speed and methods in supplying products. In the Asia Pacific region, it is becoming more vibrant on what digital disruption really indicates for businesses. As a CIO, what do you intend to do? The next move is, of course, yours.

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