Philippines Looking to Spend More on IT

Ryan Huang of zdnet.com.ph focuses on how the impact of mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets), cloud, big data/analytics and social business will be the main drivers to expect a significant growth in spending for Philippine ICT in this article. According to expert research firm IDC, a majority of organizations will be definitely looking to be more aggressive in their IT expenses.

Driven by the Need…

Usage of such ICT technologies is being driven by the need of companies for new and effective ways to market to targeted customers, thus clearly affecting the progress of costs.

The younger segment of the population make up the new workforce and see the need to be constantly connected,” pointed out Jubert Alberto, research manager of IDC Philippines. “They have the utmost need to be connected, updated, informed and entertained. In most cases, they also have lower number of dependents. All these characteristics point to stronger demand for anything mobile, whether devices, services or applications.”

Indeed, this Asian country is eying a substantial growth in its ICT expenditures this 2014. Lifted by a much-improved position by the country’s economic indicators and consumer spending, this will turn into billions of US dollars in total IT spending. Both hardware and software spending will also see significant increase, with IT services joining them as well. Apart from devices, ICT spending will be heavily affected by mobility, cloud, big data/analytics and social businesses.

A large number of companies in the Philippines will be more aggressive in their IT expenditure this coming 12 months compared to a year ago. It is a healthy sign for Philippine IT and it is a bit overdue. With a steady dose of economic development and its continued rise, the country needs to invest more on what really is needed for the future.

Read the Original Article: http://www.zdnet.com/ph/philippines-it-spend-up-11-percent-in-2014-says-idc-7000025546/

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