IT Could Lift Philippine Health Care

Sure, the Philippines is now considered among the leaders in Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO). Yes, the country’s outsourcing can go toe-to-toe now with the likes of other places such as India, etc. But one area this Asian nation really has challenges to address is its public health care system. This blog article from MoneyMax.ph gives us some insight on this particular topic. The Philippines lags behind its Asian counterparts when it comes to adopting existing IT assets for health. Scarcity of healthcare facilities, lack of qualified health personnel and sufficient health care programs are just some issues.

Information Technology… to the Rescue?

The Philippines can actually take cues from these Asian colleagues that are taking advantage of IT to promote public health care. There are already startups that let patients get doctor consultations online in India.

According to the article: It’s not all gloom in the Philippines when it comes to tapping IT for healthcare. Globe Telecom, one of the country’s top broadband providers, has partnered with local software development company LiFEDATA Systems to launch a healthcare-centric suite of IT-powered services called Globe HealthCloud. HealthCloud has three applications and one of these, the HealthCloud MD, is an electronic medical record system that stores a patient’s medical files and the HealthCloud HMO which is a paperless clinic management system. Several projects by the Department of Health (DOH) also takes advantage of IT to promote health care and these are – the Maternal and Neonatal Death Reporting System, the Unified Non-Communicable Disease Registry System, and the Online National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. Telemedicine is also being used in the country and the DOH wants to expand it this year.

IT has definitely proven it can help address the issues facing the health care sectors of many countries in Asia, and the Philippines is no exception. The Philippine government should support and invest more on assets for IT health care.

Read the Original Blog Post: http://www.moneymax.ph/blog/information-technology-boosting-health-care-philippines/

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