India: The New ICT Approach

In this article for FutureGov.asia, James Smith talks exclusively with HP India's Managing Director Neelam Dhawan about how the Indian government is set to change how the public uses Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The government, led by new Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will make advancements that will include smart cities, cloud computing and Big Data adoption. Dhawan even says there has not been a consistent vision of the role of ICT within the government. All that is about to change.


The government is dedicated to digitizing all administration levels, all the way down to the panchayats (village government), to accelerate service delivery and diminish corruption.

“The new government is fully aware of ICT,” said Dhawan, “The Prime Minister is a personal user of ICT and understands how technology can be used by people, as well as the country. I’m excited about the conversations we are having around smart cities, and of the government’s focus on fixing the basic issues. There was not so much progress in public sector cloud computing, but now the government is looking seriously at converging existing infrastructure with the cloud. I believe that the government’s approach to cloud will touch everyone in the country.” 

The newly elected Prime Minister is only bringing the success achieved in the local level nationally. This is why Dhawan also sees these and more, such as increased government interest in analytics and records management. When a country’s leader understands technological benefits and how these can address the people’s needs, it is certainly beneficial, especially for a nation like India, which is known to be competitive in today’s technology-savvy world. HP and other similar companies definitely have cause to be optimistic and excited about the possibilities and potential rewards these developments will bring moving forward.</p> Read the Original Article: http://www.futuregov.asia/articles/2014/jul/03/india-governments-new-ict-approach-excites-hp/

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