From a CIO: Advice to Newbies

Once you make that leap into the C-suite, big changes are bound to happen in your career. Expect added responsibilities, more criticism, and an entirely different, new dimension in your work methods. Moving into a leadership role is never easy in any type of work. Some say that it will involve making a lot of painstaking sacrifices and adjustments along the way. This blog from Harnath Babu, Chief Information Officer of Aviva Life Insurance Co. India, gives us some tips and tricks to make that shift from techie into CIO a lot easier.

The 90-day Plan

The first 3 months (90 days), more or less, of your new tenure as CIO will lay down the framework of what exactly your term as a leader will be. It should be used as a “project” of sorts, wherein you will be carefully fashioning and making your own strategies. During this planning stage, you will need to keep in mind that: You are not an individual contributor or a team member any more. You are one of the captains of the ships. When you start on the leadership journey, there is no luxury of time for settling in. While the team is trying to understand you as a boss and how you react to situations, your boss too would be keeping an eye on what his recruit is doing. Plan and articulate your short, mid & long-term goals. Focus on low hanging fruits and get some early wins. It is important to sync up with your boss and get some breathing space while you are navigating through your mind on what is right to do.

Always Be Aware…

Listen carefully, and explore more the business you’re working in. It is a great deal to communicate to business in their language and use technology to deliver the expected value. Always be thoughtful and deliberate in how you communicate because the people listening are going to take you seriously.

Making good impressions at the start are always vital because this act usually sets the tone. It is certainly no different when you’re starting your career as a CIO. Set a good tone at the start by setting strategies and directions that are well-defined and make sure to apply these with conviction.

Read the Original Blog: http://www.informationweek.in/informationweek/cio-blog/296082/tips-newbie-cios-cio

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