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Aligning CFO and CIO Priorities

In pursuit of the cloud, CFOs and CIOs are finding common ground, and it’s not just about cost-cutting. A white paper pulled from Leading to Transform finds that increasing business agility is now a higher priority for both camps, especially in an unpredictable business climate.

Cloud computing enables you to navigate [uncertainty] and avoid the pitfalls of over-investment or under-investment in IT. As a result, business agility is edging out IT costs savings as the number one driver for cloud computing*. Companies can achieve both cost savings and business agility with cloud deployments, while new research reveals which cloud model is the most economical and empowering.

Agility over Cost

Cost, agility, and risk, listed as the three most important facets that CIOs and CFOs face (in that order), are analyzed in the white paper. But although the cost benefits of the cloud are well understood, the benefits of business agility are not. This appears to be changing. The report finds that what companies are currently vulnerable to, namely swings in demand that translate to either over-investment or under-investment in IT, can be remedied by the cloud. With this and other benefits in mind, CIOs and CFOs are paying more attention to agility.   

Choosing the Right Cloud

Once a CFO and his/her respective CIO find their common ground in the cloud, the next step is to choose which type of cloud best fits the objectives of the organization whether it be public, private, or hybrid. Of the three cloud types, research shows that the hybrid cloud is the most economical, reducing IT costs from 20-30%. These cost savings are the positive side of a trade-off that IT makes when it relinquishes control of services to the cloud.  Yet the benefits that the cloud can bring, such as virtualization and consolidation, optimized provisioning, and high productivity in development and maintenance, far outweigh the negatives.

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