A Strategically Minded CIO

Mark Coles of CIO-Asia.com attempts to shed light on why he believes organizations should view a Chief Intelligence Officer today as a strategically minded executive and not just as the traditional C-level role as an operations function. Medium to large organizations, which spend millions of dollars each year on Information and Communications Tech (ICT), still see so many CIOs as nothing more than operation managers. This should certainly not be the case. Availability and effectiveness of the technology infrastructure and business applications are becoming increasingly large parts of how companies function internally and how they interact with external customers.

The Strategy

Fast-paced organizations simply cannot get new products to market without using technology, and this just points out the real burden a CIO must endure. The CIO's abilities and business competence will definitely have bearing on any organization’s performance. And, given the importance of ICT, a strategic CIO can certainly offer more to the company compared to one that is stuck in an operational role:

A CIO who works with and understands the objectives of the business executives will ultimately create and promote innovative solutions that benefit the business and help it acquire and retain customers.

A CIO who is technically-aware, a visionary and is viewed as a business enabler can use extensive technology investments to deliver the products and services customers are seeking.

The outdated mindset of company boards and CEOs must evolve, understand and accept that CIOs can no longer be trapped in mere operational roles. Their extensive know-how and savvy are needed for business organizations to continue to advance over time, in which case the strategic mind of the CIO could come in handy. They are not called Chief Intelligence Officers for nothing. So now, ask yourself: What kind of CIO am I?

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